Nachrt der Kunst | Clovis McEvoy | Garling Wu

Nacht der Kunst Leipzig-Gohlis

Saturday, 5.9.2020 16-24h


Garling Wu | Clovis McEvoy



Clovis McEvoy is an award-winning sound and visual artist, composer, and researcher currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Clovis specialises in experiential works for virtual reality creating multi-sensory interactive installations and performances. His works have been shown in America, France, England, Italy, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland.

Clovis is currently developing a series of new works for virtual reality that combine storytelling, visual arts, music and interactivity. One of these works, Drawing Room, will be exhibited at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Christchurch, New Zealand in November of 2020



By Garling Wu

Six pairs of hands framed side by side, each frame flowing through a series of gestures that might be familiar across culture and community. Hands clasping together tightly, bent fingers forming the symbol of a gun, hands clenched into a fist, or open palms offered face up. The sound of clapping hands rings out over the tide of hypnotic, morphing limbs – but the sound of clapping doesn’t align with what we see. There are no hands clapping, so why do we hear this sound? This is where an old but universal saying arises: what we say and what we do don’t always line up. ‘Hands’ comes at a time when so many people are feeling the need to treat deeply felt problems while facing entrenched beliefs and systematic oppression. Our actions must be true to our words if change is to ever happen.


Etgar-André-Str. 29, 04157 Leipzig